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Remat, Nov 22, 2010

Aaron H Nov 7, 2010

"Surprised that SportCo/Farwest Sports Wholesale in Fife is not a distrib/dealer considering they are just down the road! "

"The High Peak Hyperlite 2 tent is a great tent at any price. The bottom is completely waterproof and the rain fly works good. It is a wonderful tent and does everything it is asked to do whether it is in the rain or snow. However on humid nights the fly collects condensation but that is something that happens to all tents."

Bruce Morrow Oct 24, 2010

Fred P Kutzmarski Aug 30, 2010

"You Summit Series mummy bags are excellent. I have the +35 degree model and it is true it it's claimed temperature rating. I live in my tent in Ohio's Wayne National Forest and the nights here grop to the mid-30's. THIS BAG KEEPS ME WARM AND COMFORTABLE! Great hollow fibre insulation and this mummy bag was VERY affordable! Thanks High Peak for producing such quality mummy bags! from a very satisfied Happy Tent Dweller!"

"High Peak Hyper Lite Extreme Tent review.

Conditions, Three nights in the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains with elevations ranging from 10,500 to 11,600 feet. Temperatures in the mid 40s at night with clear skies and light winds, not really a great challenge for the tent but who always wants extreme weather. Two people shared the tent, My son Chris who is 6-1, 170 lbs and me who is 5-11, 245 lbs.

The tent is very compact in it`s provided carry bag and easily fits back in the bag after you break it down. It is the easiest tent to set up and break down that I have ever used and I have used a lot of different tents. The vestibules on each side are not huge but big enough to put your boots and some gear under them to keep dry. They roll up nicely in the center for easy access to the doors.

The tent was plenty big inside for the both of us but anyone taller may feel cramped. The big doors on each side provided great access and incredible ventilation when only the screens were closed. The also allowed nice star gazing the way the angles slope in on the ends. The tent was very well insulated from the outside when everything is zipped up and was quit a bit warmer inside than the outside air, We actually unzipped our Sleeping bags and used them like blankets. After Chris ate Mexican Style Beef one evening the tent was actually too well insulated. I am not sure of the dew point where we were but there was no condensation inside the tent which is always a plus. The materials seemed very strong along with the poles for how light they are and the floor area was especially durable. The outside cover came almost all the way to the ground so I would assume everything would stay dry inside in wet conditions. One question I had was would you be able to use your camp stove under a vestibule in the rain, I feel this is important.

Overall I think this is a great tent that is easy to use, very packable and I would feel very safe inside in most any conditions. I am looking forward to my next trip using this tent and would highly recommend it. "

Paul A July 5, 2010

Interested June 15, 2010

"Tested the Summit Jr. bags and a regular Summit bag over the past few weeks in almost all types of weather. They worked perfectly!! We survived hail/sleet/snow over the 4th of July and a couple of cold nights just below tree line near Gunnison, CO, I never had a complaint of being cold, only being too warm, which wasn't really a negative."

"A more detailed description of specs for individual sleeping bags plus a description of the "family" of bags would be helpful. For instance, when seeing 3 different sleeping bags that are approximately the same weight and the same temp rating, it would be nice to see what differentiates the Summit 20 from the Cascade 20 from the Red Cloud 20 from the Alpine Pak 20.

I don't object to the variety of options, I like that - I just can't tell what each one will do for me. The different bags must have been designed for specific reasons - so they could hit the customer's "sweet spot" of just what they're looking for - but without a description explaining the differences, how will the customer KNOW a particular sleeping bag is perfect for them so they can know to buy it?

So you might consider some sort of overview for each "family" of bags - why does it exist? And then maybe more specs for the specific bags. That way, when people become interested in High Peak sleeping bags - as I have - they can come here and get some help in narrowing down their options. I came across High Peak sleeping bags at and frankly, it was confusing trying to sort through the different types without any assistance. The brand will probably sell better once more info becomes more easily available. I may very well buy one of your sleeping bags - it's just taking me awhile to figure out which one I should get and in the meantime, I am looking at a few others of course."

Paul A June 6, 2010

"I just received 2 Summit Jr. bags for my kids to take to scout camp in a couple of weeks. Ordered from So far great bags, very compressible and warm. We will test the warmth next weekend with a trip above the tree line. "